Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Crazy Beautiful You Madness

I am not a Kathniel fanatic but I am a solid  fanatic of Star Cinema films.  I always get excited of what Star Cinema has to offer to their viewers on  their Valentine movie and they never fail to meet my expectations. Upon seeing the teaser and the trailer  of the said movie I get really excited and guessing that  it will going to be a sure hit! I will really save a penny to be able to watch it.      

We watched it last February 28, SaturDate and since its a weekend we expect a blockbuster people will going to watch it and yes it is. We first went to Gaisano Mall to buy tickets but the 2 cinemas there were already full and tickets are sold out. And we decided to move to other mall we went away to Abreeza Mall Cinema and finally we were able to buy tickets but we will just have to wait 3 hours before its screening time, but its ok becuae we know the movie is worth waiting for.  Together with my movie date Ate Hannah ( a certified KathNiel fan) we enjoyed watching it with Taters popcorn and some cheese-dog with bacon sandwich of Smokey's and paired it with some refreshments.

Kiko and Jackie

I'll start by saying that this movie has a great story in it with immense acting of the the actors involve in the entire film. I can say that  actors grows maturity when it comes acting and Dj's body build is very impressing today his not skinny anymore and Kathryn is getting sexier as well.  Kathryn plays as Jackie a spoiled brat girl seeking a attention and longing for a mother's love that's why she's doing this rebellious staffs in order to get the attention of her parents. While Daniel plays Kiko a jolly person, his doing everything to make her family especially his siblings happy, he prioritize first the welfare of his siblings before his happiness.

Brat Jackie in jail.
"pa-follow back po!"
The movie shows some of the wonders of the Philippines. It has a beautiful scenery, cinematography was really breathtaking and it did fascinates me. Main lead (KathNiel) has a great chemistry and really fun to watch as love-team. They both have these acting skills that will definitely make audiences laugh, cry and most of all feel in love (kilig moments overload). The film has its moments that will surely make you cry because of what the story brings, really an enjoyable movie for couples, friends and families! I highly recommend this film for everyone to watch! It is really charming and simply because the movie will give you the feeling of being in love and be loved.

Kiko: Jackie, first time ko to!! (hahaha)
Romantic-comedy types of film is one of my favorite category to watch in a film an Crazy Beautiful You it will really drive you crazy in laughter they they bring. And you should watched out for the two Aeta girls Sheena and Jenny they are so adorable in the movie and they are the cutest they make the movie very light and fun to watch with, you'll differently cry in laughter seeing their natural acting. Overall the movie is a great Thumps Up!!

Jackie with Jenny and Sheena

Sunday, March 1, 2015

50 shades of Grey

I can say that I am really not a fan of the said book but I heard so much of what is the book all about, its an erotic romance novel. Many women fell in love with Mr. Christian Grey and been dying to meet one just like him.

Who the hell is Mr. Grey anyway??

And due to my curiosity I decided to watch this intriguing and offbeat movie (50 shades of Grey)

And after watching this film I can honestly say that Mr. Grey can be top listed to be a man of your dreams. I was really hooked by him, he is worth to be in loved with hehehe... But he is such a strange and weird man. Why he can't keep a women and stick to her to stability reasons? Why is there a contract agreement? Why does he need to punish her if he doesn't like what she's doing or violated the contract??? Why? Why? Why??? 

But his gestures in making a women fall for her is way too romantic for me. He may not offer you a bouquet of flowers or even chocolates but he gives a brand new red car as a graduation gift. He may not treat you out on a date or a movie but he will let you experience ride in a chopper and fly you all the way to Seattle and letting you have a joyride plane with him in your hometown (Georgia)... hell yeah that is so freaking romantic any woman can fall for that. 

And here's what I'm just  going to say:
How come many teens and many young adults are rooting to watch this kind of film  when in fact its a serious for Adults-Only film and some are making a status on it on social media so you mean to say thete ate many early bitches and teen bitches dying to have sex??? Or maybe daghan lng jud mga bigaon nowadays especially the young ones... My God!!! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

DIY Spinning top

Kuya Brandon was so happy with his new toy especially made by Dada himself (grandpop). The Children of today's generation are not properly introduced to the traditional toys (Laruang Pambata noon) because of the new technology that has been evolving now. They are more familiar with high-technology games like computer games, psp, xbox and even on mobile games they can easily access games.

As what Dada always shares to us that during his childhood he didn't experience to have toys and don't even remember that his parents bought a toy for him because his parents can't afford it.  but still they have a memorable childhood, together with his siblings they make they own toys all made up with scrap materials like woods, cans, cardboard box etc. they make their own toys like wooden cars/trucks, wooden guns or swords and lots of more.

And this time he made one for his loving apo (grandson) he made a Do-it-Yourself Spinning Top (Trumpo) made up of wood. 

- a piece of wood
- concrete nail (but trim the sharp point)
- rope
- paint or any color materials

Dada just carve a piece of wood and form it into a fine circle just like the typical top shape den add the trimmed concrete nail for its spinning point and we just add colors to make it more lively and attractive when it start spinning. And use the rope to start it spinning.

finished product

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

PEARL event

The LFSM Dancers
The Dancers together with mommy Marina, Ate Kim and Donna Uy
"We are strong, This is PEARL."

It is indeed a night of celebration with full of inspiration. Witnessing the performances of Lupus and Arthritis patients.

People Empowerment for Arthritis and Lupus (PEARL) event held in Davao City February 06, 2015 @ CAP auditorium.

We prepared a very special number of our guest at the PEARL event since it it is the first time to be held in Davao City. We the beautiful Lupie Warriors of Lupus Foundation of Southern Mindanao (LFSM) prepared a dance number to show to people the we people with Lupus can also live a normal life a can dance to every beat of every rhythm just like  as we face the real battle of life.

The Dancers:
Tarhata May Aquino
Maureen Gay Nale
Ma. Victoria Alino
Marycelle Pastrana
Marlyn Verad
Eda Rey Dalaguit
Kristina Loraine Orillo

with special participation of:
Dra. Cathy Macapagal
Volunteers: Janine, Ann & Princess

with the Choreographer:
Mesty Calo

Featuring the songs:
La la la (Brasil 2014) - Shakira
Break Free - Arianna Grande

Monday, February 2, 2015

Birthday @ Vikings

It's my birthday and I eat like a Viking with my loves. I just had a simple celebration on my 32nd birthday we just had lunch at Vikings SM Lanang and since its my birthday I eat there for free with a free cake and Vikings stuffs serenade me with a jolly birthday song. My day is now complete...

I just wanted to Thank God for the gift of life for my 32 years of existence for allowing me live this long together with my love ones. I still wish and pray for complete healing with my health condition if not I do always pray to make me even more stronger to face this battle of life. I am not questioning him anymore why he gave me this kind of illness because now I know the answer why for me to be tougher to face life and reality. I just hope that I can inspire anyone with what I am going through for not giving up and just accept the challenge. 

I do also wish to take away the anger and give back the respect to one particular person, i will TRY to understand her more often and to prolong my patience in understanding her.

 I am not wishing to have a love life I just wish to live a HAPPY, SIMPLE and PEACEFUL Life with a good-hearted person around me.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


"I'm not sure if I'm depressed. 

I mean I am not Sad. 
But I'm not exactly Happy either.
I can laugh and Joke and Smile during the day, 
but sometimes when I'm ALONE at Night I forget how to feel". 

It's been a long time that I have been single. I can say that I have totally move on from the hurt because I have been living a happy and I can also say that I am contented with my life now. With help of the people around me like my family, especially my niece and my nephew they are the ones who brings joy to my being, my circle of friends, social-media friends and most especially my best friends. But in reality I can't really rely on to my friends always because they also have their own lives, own responsibilities, family, work etc. I only get along with them once in a blue moon or if there are some special occasions, when that times comes I really grab that opportunity to be able to bond with them and to uplift my aura. 

As I was at the mall earlier I saw lots of people most of them are together with their groups of friends and barkadas, groups of co-workers, group of family together with their children and most of all are couples, married couples and a dating couples as I was just observing the people that I saw in the mall I began to ask myself... Why am I ALONE

And I have discern something...  That it was is not just the first time that I've been to a mall ALONE I just realized that I go to malls, not only to malls but I used to go out most of the time ALONE

I usually :
- go to malls ALONE
- sometimes to the grocery ALONE
- eat out ALONE
- watch a movie ALONE
- go to my check-ups ALONE
- sleep ALONE

I come to think of it that am I going to live ALONE? Will I ever found someone who would really spend the rest of his life with me inspite of my health condition? I wanted to be hopeful but I don't want to have a wishful thinking because I will be the one who will get hurt in the end if I continue to desire of that to happen. I already brace myself that it is not going to happen anyway. I guess I have to live with it to be ALONE for  the rest of my life. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Darcy's Place

Darcy's Place Damosa Gateway
Been seeing this a lot in my news feed in Facebook and I got curious of what this place is all about, and what catches my attention the most are those cute looking pandas all over the place. And I wanted to witness and experience  it personally. 

Panda themed cafe
 Last Wednesday, after my monthly check-up I decided to have my late lunch @ Darcy's Place in Damosa Gateway (Mamay Rd.) it is actually there new location. From a far  you will easily recognize it because  of those cute panda decorations, upon entering the place I found it very cute and cozy. And I find it very solemn especially that I am just the only customer that time and I love its ambiance. Since I was just the only customer I look for a very comfortable and nice spot where can I also take photos to the place.

I really find this cute pandas in a bamboo stem.

Since it was my first time to be here in Darcy's I wanted to experience what the place has to offer regarding to their dish. So I decided to have some Pesto Pasta with grilled chicken and paired it with cool refreshments So Greens  a soda in Kiwi flavor very matched in color right? #TeamGreen

The Pesto tastes good, very delectable and very recommendable just added some pepper on it because I want it more spicy and I love the taste of the grilled chicken,  just don't like what they spread on the toasted bread just don't like its after taste. And the Kiwi flavored drink (Go Greens)  is good too very cool. 

A very unique and well organized interior decorated with of course cute pandas. being in this place makes me start to love pandas.

The place is not so complicated its just plain and simple with great ambiance a perfect place to have a late night coffee and tasting delectable dish it is also a perfect place for catching-up with friends and having a lot more chitchat moments, a great place for your bonding moments. 

Lemme take a Selfie @ Darcy's Place

I was here!!